If you are looking for some relaxation, Puerto Plata is the right place for you

Traveling is always a pleasant activity, you get the opportunity to see things in a new country, you eat different food, you get to know more about a place, their typical things, their folklore, basically a trip expands your mind.

There’s nothing better to discover more about a city or a place that to visit it and live for a few days, weeks there. Often the best places to visit are those who are meant for relaxation, like some paradise beach. Sunny weather and sandy beaches are always a great combination when the only things you are looking for is pleasure and relaxation.

There’s a place that combines leisure and tranquility in such a majestic way that you wouldn’t believe it, its name is Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata is the capital of the Province of Puerto Plata, located in the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in the north side of the Dominican Republic. This city is well known because of its beaches, some may say that the best beaches in the whole Dominican Republic are here.

The white and gold sand it’s soft as a cloud, so you will be walking like on a cotton field, the architecture of the city center will leave you speechless, the Victorian type houses will be the perfect background for the best photographs, its historical side it’s an obligatory visit.

And if you’re in the mood of exploring, visit the Isabel de Torres Mountain, there you will have the best view of the city. Another great activity to do there are the 28 jumps and waterfalls of Damajuagua.

Stay in a Puerto Plata Resort and prepare for have the best relaxation time of your life and return to your home place with some everlasting memories.

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