Dr. Diego Dougherty: renowned Guatemalan surgeon

Diego Dougherty was born to serve, and from a very early age he knew that the best way to express his vocation to help was studying medicine. That was his dream and he didn’t rest until he made it a reality with a lot of effort, studying, commitment and discipline.

Diego Dougherty was born in Guatemala and in his home country he became the doctor he always wished to be. At 18 years old he enrolled in the Franisco Marroquín University (UFM) and since his first day at the faculty of medicine he knew that he would be great.

Diego Dougherty was a brilliant student, those that never skip a class, that read, investigate, participates and is willing to show how much effort he puts into achieving his professional goals.

Dr. Diego Dougherty, a brilliant professional

Diego Dougherty got his degree in medicine from UMF in the expected time frame and immediately knew what his next step ought to be. He wanted to specialize in traumatology and orthopedics at the San Carlos University in Guatemala, and he wouldn’t rest until he achieved it.

This alma mater is the biggest and oldest in the country, its classrooms have seen some of the most brilliant and ethical specialists. Dr. Diego Dougherty wasn’t the exception, he graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude, to be exact.

Dr. Diego Dougherty: the sports surgery genius

When speaking of Dr. Diego Dougherty, we speak of genius, professionalism and excellence. So much so that his colleagues and patients say he is one of the best surgeons and traumatologists in Guatemala.

Dr. Diego Doughertyalways strived for more so the idea of getting a subspecialty as soon as he became a traumatologist wasn’t crazy at all. They say doctors never stop studying, and for Dr. Diego Dougherty this was an undeniable reality.

That is how he subspecialized in arthroscopy and sports surgery from the University of Cleveland in the United States, with honors once again. Brilliant! That’s what Dr. Diego Doughertyis like and we need look no further than his resume to prove it.

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