Verse – mobile payment app because we live in a third world

It is clear that throughout man’s existence on earth two worlds have been distinguished, one real and the other imaginary. Besides in the present century a new vision has been developed. It has received the name of virtual universe, where technology controls all aspects of life and time has come to make transactions in it with money sending app: Verse.

Usually the tangible has been understood as the real world, which can be perceived by means of senses. And human beings who do not break these parameters are considered normal people. In contrast, the imaginary is not supposed to leave the empire of notions, and is also related to universal science. A person who manifests a tendency to function governed by the rules of this cosmos can be seen as very spiritual or crazy to some degree.

However, improvement of tools to visualize purposes or projects while still in the mind of the author, and which can then be brought to a material plane, and made perceptible to everybody, has appeared and somehow blurred the boundaries between the physical and the imagined.

Although definitely society has progressed to be what we know thanks to visionaries, never before become so abundant the amount of ideas materializing. This allows taking leaps and bounds to a condition that our grandparents would have thought like science fiction.

Business transactions have changed and currency as its manifestation has had many presentations. It has varied from humble salt, through anything that could have value for its scarcity to even valuable metals which have served to support the exchange of products.

But with the development of the cybernetic world, a novel form of compensation has arrived, given that your money in financial institutions can be accessed from personal devices. The work is done by applications that meet expectations, exceed user inhibitions, and guarantee sufficient security measures so that everyone agrees to change their commercial activities to ones presented by innovative technologies.

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