Europe train tickets: never before it was so easy

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Perhaps you are one of those people always thinking about to travel through Europe however not ever deciding effectively to do it. The old continent has many attractions for tourists interested to see finally all remarkable places studied in Universal History or read in books. Not merely the major capitals but small picturesque towns and villages are valuable to be visited next holidays.

Where can you go during this trip? The suggested venues include the magnificence of Paris, the most romantic city in the world; the cosmopolitan Barcelona, to admire simultaneously historical architectures and modern creations of Antoni Gaudí; the greatest French cuisine of Lyon with its typical taverns called “bouchons” and the Spanish capital, Madrid, with an opulent traditional and artistic legacy.

The fantastic journey could add the Pink City, Toulouse, where the art and history are showed in its attractive and cozy streets. The biggest metropolitan area in the Midi region, Marseille and the contemporary spot with its stimulating atmosphere, Montpellier, must not be forgotten as well. Do not overlook the richness of Gerona museums, festivals and eating locals which keep the municipality alive and vibrant during the whole year.

Connections to London, Brussels, Seville, Genève, Frankfurt, Valencia, Cannes and Strasbourg and places of interest like Costa Brava, Disneyland Paris and the South of France are available. There is no limit in the amount of gorgeous and spectacular locations you can visit using Europe train tickets. What is the advantage of this cheap and ecological mean of transportation?

Train stations are centrally located allowing you to save time and money. The offer includes frequent connections along the day, making the waiting lapses shorter. You do not need to be two hours in advance, only few minutes before departure are enough to board and get your seat. To conclude, you can carry up to three pieces of baggage without paying extra.

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